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      FoShan SongBao Electronic Functional Materials Co.,Ltd., located at NanHai Science and Technology Industrial Park, foshan,GuangDong Province,china. As a newly established company, we specializes in the researching, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of a series of high purity carbonate products, such as High purity Strontium Carbonate, High purity Barium Carbonate and High purity Calcium Carbonate, etc.
       With experienced engineers and trained workers, allow us to supply our customers with carbonate products of the highest quality and purity at a competitive price. Our carbonate products are available in a wide range of quantities and specifications to meet your particular industrial or scientific application.
       We ensure that our products offer highest quality levels at all times by performing continuous chemical and technical audits on raw materials,production processess and final products.
       For further technical information or pricing on our products,please contact us at: sales@fine-carbonate.com...
Product Show
High purity Strontium Carbonate
High purity Barium Carbonate
High purity Calcium Carbonate
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Contact Us
General Manager: liu Yilin
Address: Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Songgang song XIA Industrial Park, Industrial Avenue, East
General Manager Tel :0757-85213007
Sales Tel :0757-85213006
Technical advisory services :0757-85213005
Fax :0757-85201698
Mobile: 13590557221
Email: sales@fine-carbonate.com
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